sexta-feira, 14 de abril de 2017

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Map that Displays Location with LED Matrix Powered by Raspberry Pi

Built My Own Bartop Arcade with a Raspberry Pi and RetroPie

Yet another Pi case build using an old console, but using some of the old hardware too! PiCube build. 

Pi controlling 2 Arduino clones with relays over I2C, running Node for UI, can SSH in to reprogram clones over USB. For a garden control.

Lineage 14.1 on Raspberry Pi 3 by KonstaT

Raspberry pi nav/gps prototype.

Raspberry Pi Squeezebox Player, featuring a custom wooden enclosure and a custom interface
Steampunk laptop powered by Pi: OMG so fancy!

Burgertime! Another RPi Zero in a NES cartridge. With shutdown button, power led indicator, and IR receiver.

I put together a Bitcoin Node using Raspberry Pi3B, WD Pidrive and generic 3.5"TFT showing network data and price.

RaspberryPi - Instalação da case transparente

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